Sunday, 17 November 2013

''Exhibition at Painia Cultural Centre's gallery''

Our little artist were given the chance to exhibits their own art pieces and come in contact with the real experience of being an artist and enjoy your works in a real gallery and discuss about them with the visitors. We all positively supported the creativity of our potential artist. Additionally, all the community of the city of Paiania enjoyed the event and had only nice and courageous comment for the 'artists'.

''Decorating our School, work together''

A very small sample of our little feast which managed to get really massive participation from patent and student but also from colleagues and everybody who enjoyed this collaborative project. Spending some of our valuable time to decorate and learn to work together and enjoy the result of all was really amazing experience. More photos, analysis and a video from this project  to follow.

''Learning to Give Learning to Get''

''Learning to Give Learning to Get''
This is the title of the Comenius Program, an ongoing Project, which offers the opportunity of better, and deeper European Union interaction on the educational level. A really amazing and unique experience for both  students and the involved facilitating teachers. this is part of our Comenius Corner preparation.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

2013 / Melina M. - trailer

Monday, 22 July 2013

Stelios Likotrafitis: Looking for Interesting "Gestures"

Stelios Likotrafitis: Looking for Interesting "Gestures": wolffeeder It is not only the face which gives character to a person but his/her body's  gesture/position,  may even say more about ...

Monday, 15 July 2013

"Comenius" Educational Meeting, (Presov-Slovakia-2013)

Budapest, Slovakia, Prague, Vienna, were some of the station of this amazing Educational Trip. Very proud to participate and exchange ideas, teaching methods, culture, collective games, concerns  and much more, on how to extend, advance, and integrate more and in various levels our United European Educational Family.
Here some photos and a video from the event,...more to follow soon !! 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Scenography for a theatrical play.

Some scenes from the process of the 'theatrical scenery' or 'theatre design' which was part of the project our school had undergone and was about the story of 'Ice queen'. the dimensions of the background was on which the whole play would take place were about 3x5 metres and this should present the cold, snowy,  and unfriendly castle where the Ice queen lived, so there were many experiment on the composition on a smaller scale surface before the final idea's been sketched on the huge surface on the wall. The final result satisfied the students and visitors. I strongly believe that, the students  performed very successfully, due to firstly, the natural talent but also due to the hard work we all had done. 

this is one of the many efforts done digitally so to examine the options I had in doing that project.